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What is Inductive Bible Study? ​

The Inductive Bible Study teaches accurate observation of biblical passages, clarifies scriptures and helps God's Word come alive. Intensive Care Ministries offers tools for learning and developing biblical studies by using an effective system of observation, interpretation, and application. You will learn to create simple outlines for books of the Bible, and understand how to interpret scriptures for easier learning and teaching. 

Online Course 

Intensive Care Ministries offers a free online Inductive Bible Study course. 




We offer Inductive Bible Study training workshops worldwide.

  • June 21-22 Level 1: Calvary Chapel of Honolulu,  Call 808-524-0844 to register

  • June 24-26 Level 2:  For those who want to teach,  CC Honolulu

  • July 12-14 Level 1 at Winnipeg Connection Church, 414 Tweed Ave, Winnipeg, Canada  Call 204-905-1600 to Register,  

       Friday 6:30-9pm & Sat.9am-3pm

  • September 23-October 6: Tanzania, Africa

  • October 18 & 19: Calvary Chapel Downey, 7-9:30pm and Sat. 9am-3pm 12808 Woodruff Ave, Downey, CA  Call 562-803-5631 to register

  • November 11-16: IBS at Trujillo, Peru . Calvary Bible Institute 




Intensive Care Ministries was founded to equip national Pastors and Christian workers in studying the Bible inductively. 

  • We train you how to Study the Bible inductively.

  • We train you how effectively prepare Sermons and Bible studies.

  • We train you how to Teach the Bible expositionally.

Intensive Care Ministries was founded in 1984 by Pastor Dan Finfrock. In 1985, he moved his family to the Philippines where he saw the need to train national pastors how to study the Bible inductively, with an emphasis on becoming expositors of the Word. Since Intensive Care Ministries beginning, thousands of pastors and Christian workers have been taught the Inductive Study Method, and many churches flourish because of this ministry. Staff are now located in the United States, the Philippines, Russia and Africa. Intensive Care Ministries desires to seek out gifted pastors and church workers, further equipping them in their study of the Word.


Intensive Care Ministries works worldwide. We do short seminars in many countries and have five Bible Schools in operation in Tanzania and Kenya. These Bible schools run two programs. One is for senior pastors which come for training five times for ten days over the course of two years. The second program is for new pastors and evangelists that runs for one year. Participants come three times for eight days. These training programs have been highly successful in getting pastors to teach the Word. We are in need of financing for these schools. For the two-year senior pastors’ program, it cost $150 per pastor. For the one- year program it costs about $80. This covers food, transportation, housing, and IBS materials. We are looking to open soon three more campuses in Uganda, Liberia, and Israel. Any support given will be a blessing.




Our Seminars

Our seminars are designed to operate in a workshop format. In other words, this is not a "lecture style" seminar, but hands-on training in studying the Scriptures. Our purpose is to develop a fresh approach to the Bible, and yet, a very accurate study of the Scriptures through the Inductive Bible Study Method. Lessons from different book types; narratives, poetry, epistles, prophecy, and Jesus' parables make each participant comfortable throughout the entire Bible.

What's Learned?

The inductive training system teaches how accurate observation of a text clarifies Scriptures

and makes the Word come alive! How to develop study tools for effective interpretation and application. How to make simple outlines of entire books of the Bible for easier learning and teaching. How to chart a text once it is outlined to further break text apart and see it's depth. How to teach the Bible in a way that others can follow.

Types of Workshops

Weekend Workshop

Weekend workshops (Friday Night and all day Saturday), we introduce and stress three basic steps to IBS. Observation, Interpretation and Application. Participants are asked to complete work assignments individually, in small groups, and in class discussions with the director.

Full Week Workshop

The Monday thru Friday workshop covers the IBS material in depth. All five book types are covered in seven assignments and leaders are taught how to prepare Bible studies and sermons. This full week workshop is the most popular seminar.

Seven Week Workshop

This is a week night course that will run seven weeks and gives the participants more time to complete each assignment. Seminars are available on request if you have a group of twenty or more, Intensive Care Ministries may be available to come to your town to conduct a seminar. Contact our office through e-mail to see if there are any seminars scheduled in your area. Teacher training for inductive bible study is available once a year. The course is open to teachers, pastors or anyone desiring to learn how to teach the course.

Teacher Training Workshop

Once a year Intensive Care Ministries conducts a teacher training course for those who would like to teach the IBS Course. The prerequisite for taking this training is to have already gone through the course either in a live training seminar or through the DVD's or CD's. We will walk you through step by step about each lesson and the key things to get across. You will also be required to do the assignments with your work will being critiqued. We will cover how you can teach the course in two levels. The first level has to do with teaching participants how to study using the Inductive method and the second level will cover how to prepare Bible Studies and Sermons. You will receive a teachers manual and all the materials needed to teach the class. We will discuss the variety of ways the course can be taught. ICM will consider requests for this training course anywhere in the world.










Intensive Care Ministries 

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